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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Gratitudes

I just realized that I haven't been in this space since last Sunday. This past week was busy with appointments, job applications and meetings, which didn't leave me with much free time, or much interesting to write about either!
I spent the weekend in Tacoma, Washington. I headed up on Friday night and spent all day Saturday in a teaching workshop focused on bringing case-studies into the classroom to enhance discussions around sustainability and diversity. It was great-- now I just need to find some time to incorporate what I learned into my teaching plan for next term.
This was my first time actually spending time in Tacoma, so this morning I gave myself a little tour of the city. It was perfect, as the sun finally came out after a long two days of constant rain. I went to Point Defiance Park and found a quaint little northwest natives garden and some huge mushrooms, I stopped into the Tacoma botanical gardens, and then before I left town I went to the bridge of glass that was made by Dale Chihuly (if you don't know of his work, you should google him-- it's pretty rad!).

And, since it is Sunday, I guess it's time to share my weekly gratitudes with you all! This week I have been grateful for:
  • Watching some back-lit yellow leaves fall from a tree today. It looked liked golden glitter falling from the sky. 
  • My brave Finn! He had some dental work on Monday and took it like a champ. Only a few years ago we couldn't even get him to open his mouth for a dentist. He has come such a long way!
  • Finishing a run, coming inside, and then watching a torrential downpour begin. I had some perfect timing!
  • Hand-me-downs. Phoebe gets clothes passed down for two separate friends and I can't even tell you how lucky I feel about this. It is so nice to only have to buy her a few supplemental things each season.
  • Leftovers. Like hand-me-downs, they are perfect. Free and ready to go!

What have you felt grateful for this week?

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  1. lovely list! are you changing jobs? I cannot remember....good luck with your applications!

    1. Hi Karen... well, I love my job, but now that I am becoming a single mama, I need to work more (much more!) and I am not sure that my campus can give me enough work. So, I am staying at my teaching job for now (and hoping that maybe I can get hired on full time at some point), but also applying for other jobs that sound fun at the same time. The community college that I work at doesn't hire very many full time instructors, so I can't depend on that. If I can't find another full time job, I may have to piece-meal a few part time jobs together, which starts to become confusing. Maybe I can just win the lotto.... ;)