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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny at Small Thing's for this week's Yarn Along .

I am still working on Phoebe's Phoebe's sweater. Have you read the book, Phoebe's Sweater?  It is super sweet. I haven't made much progress since last week-- I have only completed 1/2 of a sleeve since the last yarn along, which means that I need to get a move on if I am to complete the sweater, the mouse, and a dress and sweater for the mouse all by Phoebe's birthday on March 1st.. If only I could knit as fast as this video...

I finished up my scrap-yarn grey loop cowl that I knit for ME! I love it. The colors make me happy. And I always love using up my stash. It was a great on-the-go project, as I could just stuff it into my bag. The Phoebe sweater.... not so much. That thing is a monster. I need a new on-the-go knit to keep stashed in my purse. Any great ideas?

I finished up The Martian by Andy Weir a few days ago. I whipped through it in just a few days. It was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it for folks who like to read adventure novels. I am currently reading Wildwood by Colin Meloy. It's a young adult book, of the fairy tale type, and it takes place in Portland. So far so good.

And, this isn't exactly something I am reading, but have you listed to the Serial podcast series? I am 9 episodes in and so addicted. I have been listening to it on my runs.

What are you reading? What are you knitting?

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  1. I love your cowl, and it looks beautiful on you.

  2. The cowl looks great on you.I like the colors. Your cat in the first photo is cracking me up!

  3. Love that first picture,makes me want to take a nap with your kitty.

  4. beautiful cowl!!! I haven't listened to the serial podcast yet. I've heard good things :)

  5. Your cowl is gorgeous!!! I think I need to get the book Phoebe's sweater for my niece and knit the sweater for her. Oh how I wish I could knit that fast!

  6. Oh yes - and Serial is addicting isn't it? I hear there is another season coming. I can't wait!

  7. Fabulous colors on your cowl! Love it!

  8. The cowl it's really nice, nice colours. The book Wildwood looks interesting, I am reading The heroine's journey by Maureen Murdock, very interesting, by the way.

    Lluisa xoxo