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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny of Small Things for this week's yarn along.

We are just returning home from a very cold visit to Chicago to visit my family. Burrrr. I brought my sockhead hat (what I have dubbed the tiny-needle-hat) along, and found a few minutes here and there to work on it. I am finally done with the ribbing, and onto plain knitting, which does make it go faster. But with these tiny needles, it feels like it will be years before I finish. I have a few knitting projects on my mental to-do list that I will probably start in the next few days, but for now, as I settle back in to normal life again, I will just try and plug away at my tiny-needle-hat.

What have I been reading? Well, I started Divergent on the plan ride to Chicago and finished it a couple of days later. I loved it. Very Hunger Games-esque. Can't wait to get my hands on the next 2 in the series. An easy, captivating read was exactly what I needed. I am also reading All the Summer Girls and Hands-Free Mama... all that plane riding gave me a chance to catch up on some reading!

I often feel like I should be reading important books: non-fiction environmental reads for work, or classic literature for my brain. And as much as I do like to read books like that, sometimes it is a lot of hard work. When I do reward myself with an easy, somewhat mindless read, like I have this past week, I realize how much I love it. I think my brain craves that escape from reality. So, I decided I need to read more 'easy' books. I am not giving up on the intense reads, by no means, but am vowing to make time for the bestseller list too!

What are you reading? What are you knitting?

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  1. I have been reading The Game of Thrones series and LOVE it!

    1. and I'm blogging again at :)

  2. I'm reading "Dreams of the Golden Age", which is not one of the greats but IS really fun. :)

  3. I love that forever knitting feeling :) Now's the time to try to read a book while knitting that boring hat and you'll be amazed at how fast it goes. I bet you could do it :)

  4. Those do look like small needles, at least it is easy knitting :) Currently reading Sarah's Key, and knitting a shawl.