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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Handmade Holidays

I just realized that I never blogged about any of the finished gifts for my Handmade Holiday 2013! So, here they are, a little late... but maybe they can inspire some gifts for birthdays throughout the year.

I made a few different sets of handmade ornaments this year, the first was a state-of-Oregon ornament and the idea came from this blog.

 I also made some Waldorf-inspired gnome ornaments. Some had their own pouch.

Phoebe got a hat and legwarmer set for her doll.

All of the my young girl nieces (and Phoebe) got a glittery tutu for themselves and a matching one for their doll. Each set was a different color. Phoebe has loved hers.

My mom got a beach bag as she spends a lot of time in Florida

And, my favorite gifts were the coaster sets I made. These are so fun! I will say that it does take a bit of practice to get them right.... I definitely had quite a few do-overs during the process. You can find instructions here. I used recycled tiles from our local building re-use center. I made some nature-inspired tiles and also made a bunch with pictures of my kiddos on them. Apparently I didn't take any pictures of those before I sent them off. Oh well.

There were also lots of cowls, more hats, and some pajama pants for the kids. I just never got around to taking any pictures of them. I am sure you know how it goes...

How did your handmade gifts go this year?

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  1. Such lovely handmade gifts, giving me some ideas for next year already, thanks!

  2. You're so talented! I love the coasters ... where do you print off laster paper photos?

    1. Thanks! I ended up going to kinkos (or what used to be kinkos, I think it is something else now). Our local printing place was charging me just to log onto the computer to press print, and so it was getting a bit too pricey! If only I had a printer at home.....