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Monday, February 4, 2013


Joining in with Amanda at Habit of Being.

This weekend was a long one as Finn had Friday off of school.
Todd took the morning off, and we headed up to Mt. Hood....
to take Finn skiing for the first time!
It was 50 degrees and sunny,
a perfect day.
Finn never made it out from skiing in between my legs,
but he had fun and wants to go back.
A great success in my book!

We spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine back in town.
We wandered through our garden, taking note of what was there.
The kids were enjoying some kale right off the plant-
it has been quite a while since we have done that!
Throwing a football,
a trip around the block on the scooter....
it was almost like it was spring!

Saturday brought more sun
and a trip to the river with the dogs.
Phoebe, who loves water, waded in before we could grab her,
and was wet up to her chest.
It was pretty hilarious.
Mexican food for lunch,
a few errands and some cleaning,
and more time spent outside.
Saturday night Todd went to the office
and I had a dear friend come over for a drink
and good conversation.
And, I finally found the time (courage?)
to try knitting the cables on Phoebe's vest.

Sunday we were in for a special treat...
after Phoebe coming into our bed at 5 am,
we somehow all slept until 8:00!!!
Unheard of in our house....
It felt quite refreshing.
A big breakfast,
a dog walk,
a mama-only trip to the gym.
Some cooking, baking, reading and knitting.
A slow end to a good weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Knitting, a walk by the water, cuddling in bed...this sounds like my kind of weekend!

  2. skiing and mexican food in one weekend? yes, please!

  3. I bet the cables look perfect! I love your weekends full of outside fun :)

  4. That sounds lovely. Skiing sounds so fun! I don't think my littles have even played in the snow before! Hopefully one day soon...I know they would love it.

    We worked on a couple little projects. Nesting boxes for our chickens...a little landscaping. Otherwise, super laid back weekend!

  5. Sounds so wonderful! Did you enjoy the cables?

  6. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Finn is getting so big.