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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Crazy (And Amazing) Hike

Sunday afternoon, my friend Heidi and I headed out towards Multnomah Falls to hike the Oneanta Gorge. This infamous hike is a short hike through a slot canyon, so in Oregon, where the rain is a-plenty, that means you are getting wet. So, Heidi and I left the kids at home with our husbands, and enjoyed a mama's afternoon in nature.
The hike starts out by climbing over a  huge log jam. Honestly, my pictures don't do it justice. After making it over the first rock, and looking down at the 30 foot drop onto the rocks below, Heidi and I almost turned back. Sure, it's not that hard to walk over fallen logs, but if you slip in the wrong place, well,... let's just say it would probably not turn out so well. So, we took about 15 minutes to get past the log jam: crotching logs and hanging on for dear life as young, tan guys basically ran past us. We panicked a few times, but we made it over, and I must say that we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves!
The hike continues into a magnificent narrow gorge, with chilly water that would have felt nicer if it had been hot out. But, with the log jam behind us, we were enjoying the scenery and having fun. Until we got to the part where you had to either walk in water up to your neck (and we both had cameras) or boulder along the side of a cliff. After many minutes of indecision, we decided on rock climbing. Which neither of us were in shape for. But, surprisingly, we did it, and we made it to the waterfall... the gift for those who make it to the end.
We enjoyed the falls and the specks of sunlight that were falling into the canyon. And we dreaded the trip back to the car, which required yet another bouldering attempt as well as going back through the log jam. But, with our confidence up, and energized from an amazing waterfall, we made it back without a hitch (unless you count the time that I almost fell, camera and all, off of the cliff and into the water!).
It was amazing. We felt empowered, and a bit reckless. And, if you think we went on some very dangerous hike, I might add that there were hundreds of people there, may of them kids. So, no, we are no super-hikers or incredibly gutsy, but for two mamas who mainly stick to the trail, it was quite an adventure!

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  1. I LOVE hiking and this looks so wonderful. Great pictures. Nothing quite like the exhilaration of conquering a challenging trail! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Wow. looks beautiful! I probably would have chickened out. I'm not much of a risk taker. :)

  3. Thank goodness you had your camera to capture all those views! Each one is beautiful and I wish I could see it in person :) I would have turned back being the "not fit" person I am ;)

  4. what a beautiful, gorgeous spot! and although you said the pictures don't do it justice (and i believe you, that's a common problem, right?) they do give us a good idea of the magnificent landscape you got to enjoy.