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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mama's Surprise

Yesterday afternoon, my sweet hubby surprised me with a kid-free night away at a funky hotel called the Edgefield about 20 minutes out of town. At 5:05 he told me to pack a bag with a swimsuit and pajamas, and that the babysitter was coming at 5 (which gave me approximately negative 5 minutes to pack). Once I got over the shock of a night without Finn, for which I was unprepared, I was very excited.
It was a perfect night filled with some wine, soaking pools, and a movie in a movie theater (complete with a brownie sundae). That was all topped off by a night of interrupted sleep... ahh, bliss.
And this refreshed mama was so happy to see her little man again this morning! Pin It Now!


  1. Tell Todd to give Paul a call. Apparently, there are a few things Todd needs to tell Paul!

    Lucky gal!

  2. my skills...often imitated, never duplicated.