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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nature's Art Box: A Review

Nature's Art Box by Laura C. Martin is a craft book for children that focuses on using lots of natural and found materials. Most of these projects are a little too advanced for my 2 year old (honestly, a few of them seem too advanced for me!), but there are quite a few really cute ideas in here. There are instructions for some basic skills, like flower pressing and printing, potato stamps, natural dyes, and homemade clays, as well as some cute ideas on how to use those skills (pressed flower barrettes anyone?). There are also a few projects in here that I can't wait to try, like making miniature woodland furniture for your child's faerie and gnome friends and a ball made out of vines that looks perfect for hanging some holiday lights on.
After browsing this book, I did notice that the directions for some projects were not nearly as detailed as they could be, and at times were a bit confusing. A lot of the projects are fairly challenging and require a bit of time and prep work, so this book will work best for child-adult teams.
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  1. Thank you for your review!
    I have seen this book online.

  2. I ordered this book and the ecoart one- Thanks so much for your reviews- I am looking for inspiration for summer activities-
    If there are any more books that you plan to review (along ecoart lines) I would love to hear what your favorites are-