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Monday, June 16, 2014

Farewell Froggy Friends

On Saturday morning, we said goodbye to our 5 little Pacific Chorus Frogs. We got them as tadpoles back in May, and after watching each one morph from tadpole to frog (which is an incredible experience), we knew it was time to let them go. We brought them back to the tiny pond (at a water garden supply store!) from which they came and set them free. It felt good, but I miss them nonetheless. I was excited to wake up each morning and feed them and watch them hunt fruit flies, or jump from glass wall to glass wall of the tank they were in. They are pretty amazing creatures.
The frogs were all terrified of me and would try to stay away from my hand any time I had to go in to the tank. However, when the last tadpole morphed, this littlest one seemed to befriend me. When I had my hand in, she (or he) would willingly climb on to my hand and would often sit there until I put her down somewhere. I joked that she wouldn't want to leave when we took them back to the pond.
And, Saturday morning, when I opened the top of the jar that I transported them in, 4 happy frogs hopped away and jumped right into the water. And one little frog came back and climbed the outside of the jar trying to get back in. I picked her up and brought her to a rock near the pond's edge, said my goodbye, and with the help of Phoebe's finger, she found her way into the water.

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  1. Oh, so cute! That must have been such a fun thing for you all to watch them grow! We've got tons of toads in our yard and trying to catch them is one of our favorite games these days.

  2. The good bye is always hard. Sounds like it was a good experience for all :)

  3. We too have frogs that hop over from next doors garden pond and find cool places to chill under big old leaves. I love to see those cute little hopping creatures. Maybe you will be able to have another batch and watch the process all over again. That little one is so cute. A great way of teaching. Here in the uk we have to wait for next February to March now.
    Thanks for sharing this sweet story.

  4. Must have been fun to watch them and sad to say goodbye but they will be with other froggy friends! They are soooooo tiny!