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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn Along

As I am mentally preparing for my trip to Chicago next Monday, I am starting to think about how much I have to do before then...... 2 more days of teaching Finn's preschool, giving a college final exam, grading those exams and turning in grades, getting 2 crowns put on my teeth, a friend's birthday party, a haircut, a doctor's appointment for Phoebe, about million errands, celebrating Father's Day on Sunday, pub knitting, and packing for myself and 2 kids for a 2 week trip.
I was really hoping to finish Phoebe's Helena sweater before I left for Chicago. But when I look at my to-do list, I have to be realistic and realize that in all likelihood, it won't get done. Nonetheless, I am trying my best and am more than halfway done with the lace...although, I will admit that I made a pretty decent mistake during the lace and now the rows don't all match up perfectly. Something that I will always notice (but probably no one else will). But, THIS is why I don't normally knit lace. I just get too distracted. I have also been knitting away at my hat. I have found myself picking up that, instead of the Helena sweater, when my mind is just not up for lace. However, I have been making this hat for me (as I rarely make anything for myself and need a new warm hat) and last night Finn told me how much he loved the colors and asked me if it could be for him. Can I really deny him a mama-made hat that he wants? I don't think I will have many more years that he will ask for things that I have knit him. I may end up passing this one along to him and selecting some new yarn from my stash to knit myself one from.
I started reading Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn, which has already sucked me in. It talks about the links between chemicals in our environment and human health, but it reads wonderfully.... it is non-fiction, but it is truly hard to set it down. My summer break officially starts on Friday, and this is the first book from my summer reading list that I am diving into.
Finn and I have been reading The Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl before bed. I remember reading it (and loving it) as a child, but reading it now I realize that I remember nothing of it. And, the giant speaks in a very funny manner making it pretty hard to read out loud!
Joining in with Ginny over at Small Things today for Yarn Along. What are you reading and knitting? Pin It Now!


  1. I need lots of focus time when knitting lace. Unless I have the pattern memorized. I also cannot knit and talk at the same time, it is a cross to bear....Lovely knitting and I hope you finish it well before your trip!! I hope you go yarn shopping while in Chicago!

  2. You never know how long you still have left with little ones asking for mama mades. My 12 year old asked me for one for the upcoming fall. A long, stripey hat. I'm working on it right now, because as you said, who can resist that?

  3. I always enjoy seeing what you are knitting and reading! Enjoy your upcoming summer vacation (one of the great things about teaching!) Sounds like you are super busy. Hope you get everything done. Have a great week.

  4. The BFG is one of my all-time favourites! I was such a fan of Dahl from a young age. Have you read Boy, his autobiography? I really enjoyed it!
    Have a great trip - I hope you lots of time to knit while you're away!

    1. I haven't read BOy yet, but I guess I should put it on my list!

  5. Oh man, don't you hate it when you don't have enough time for your knitting? That looks like it's going to be such a great sweater too. Can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Oh it just melts my heart when Reece asks if what I am making is for him, and when it isn't how he asks if the next one can it!!!

    Sounds like a busy few days ahead, remember to breath.