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Sunday, September 6, 2009

You CAN can

Have you ever wanted to make jam or can tomato sauce but thought it was above and beyond your abilities? I did....BUT, this summer I learned that canning is EASY... especially if you are using foods that are acidic like fruits and tomatoes. Acidic foods do NOT need a pressure canner, but can be canned using only a hot water bath (which is simpler and much less expensive).
If you are interested in canning, you will need to invest in (or borrow) a pressure canner or a big stock pot with a tray that will keep the jars from resting on the bottom of the pot (that could make them explode!). Craigslist or garage sales are a great place to check for these items. You will also need: tongs, a wide-mouthed funnel, and a magnetic lid-remover. These items can all be bought separately or packaged together anywhere that canning equipment is sold. You will also need glass jars with NEW lids.
As for recipes and instructions, that is for you to decide, as the possibilities are endless. For good recipes or recipe-specific instructions, do a google search or check out You can find detailed instructions and tons of recipes for making your own jams, pasta sauces and more! Please be forewarned that if you are wanting to can non-acidic foods (such as green beans) you DO need a pressure canner and the instructions are slightly more rigorous.
Just think... all of these jars of jam will make a GREAT holiday present! Pin It Now!

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