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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh Colorado

For labor day weekend, the family and I spent 5 days in lovely Colorado. My husband and I both went to college there, and I lived there for about 9 years total. We have a lot of friends who are still there and let's just say that Colorado will always have a very special place in my heart.
The weather was unusual for summer.... we got rained and/or hailed on every day that we were there (but of course, the skies were sunny in between storms!).
We did a little bit of hiking (although a very little bit, as we got rained out of our planned hike two days in a row!). We had an evening of Mexican food and mini golf with our nephew. Meals at my old haunts with friends. Live music. Rainbows.
We also took a trip up to Jamestown, which made the news last year when the entire town was flooded and folks (including quite a few of my friends) were stranded for several days before they were helicoptered out. It is amazing to see how much the flood changed the town-- essentially, large parts of the town are still in dire need of help. The city is filling cisterns so that folks have drinking water, the temporary roads are washing away in places, and there are still houses that are only half standing. Lots of folks still can't even get to their homes as roads and bridges across the river have been washed away and there is no access. Our dear friends, who own the Merc, the only restaurant in town, made us a wonderful breakfast with the best green chile ever.
It was wonderful to go back, and, as always, I will miss Colorado until the next time I return.

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  1. What a great few days away, except for the rain. Mother Nature can really put a damper on things sometimes, but then she makes up for it with things like rainbows :)

  2. What great pictures! I lived near Durango CO for 7 years. It is so beautiful there! I have never been to Jamestown, but it looks beautiful! :)

  3. I have never been there, but now I was to see it for myself. You captured such beautiful moments!

  4. everything looks beautiful, lovely photos! i only ever see lovely photos of colorado and hear great things about it. i hope i get to go one day!

  5. So nice to have a chance to squish that one last trip in before the school year! We did Seattle, but of course didn't have enough time for everything on the list of things to do and see... :)