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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gratitude Sunday

For the past couple of days I have felt so grateful for my children. I mean, I always feel grateful for them (some days more so than others...) but lately I have been feeling really grateful. Like Super-Duper. Maybe it is because they are so darn cute, or maybe it is because I am about to leave for a week to spend time with some girl friends (without them!).... Regardless of the reason, I feel so incredibly lucky to have these 2 amazing little people in my life. It is certainly not always easy (in fact, it is probably more often difficult), but it is so rewarding. To watch them grow and learn, to see them changing every day, and to be the one who gets to guide them on this journey- its is all pretty incredible. 
I sometimes pine for the things I could do before I had children.... spontaneous road trips, late-night walks, leisurely breakfasts (you know the things I am thinking about)...... but in the end, nothing is better than being with my kiddos.
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  1. I totally agree with you about kids. I am also just deep down grateful for the opportunity to be a mom! Enjoy your "girls week out." That sounds really fun.

  2. I so agree! I am grateful for mine and enjoy when they are here visiting. I hope you have fun with your friends!

  3. I agree. I always knew I would love my kid, but I never really thought (pre-motherhood) that I would enjoy spending time with him as much as I do. I love hearing the way his brain works.