Mama Gone Green is a blog dedicated to raising happy children and reducing our impact on the Earth. My name is Taryn and I am the mother of 2 young kids and an environmental studies instructor at a community college in Portland, Oregon. Please join me as I journey through life as a mama, teacher, knitter, photographer, gardener, and environmentalist!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Just got back from a week in lovely Colorado. I lived there for about 9 of my formative years (college and grad school) and I will always hold a very special place for it in my heart. Even after 9 years of not living there, it still feels like home to me. We had a wonderful time. We visited a bunch of friends, met some new babies, went to a wedding, hiked around in the mountains, watched hummingbirds, danced, played, and ate lots of good food. It was wonderful and even with a week, there wasn't nearly enough time to see everyone we wanted to or do all of the things we had planned.
But, I am exhausted, as usually happens after traveling, and although I was sad to part ways with Colorado, I am happy to be home. I didn't bring my camera, because the kids and I flew out first (sans Todd) and we just had too much stuff, so I could only take pictures with my phone. Not the greatest quality, but I guess it will have to do!

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