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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Long Overdue Trip

We live only an hour and a half from the coast, but haven't been since the holidays. We have been trying to make a day trip to the ocean for about 5 weeks now, but each time we have it planned, weather or another event gets in our way. Yesterday, we finally made it, and we were long overdue! It was warm, breezy, clear skies, and a perfect day. I think I could have stayed forever....

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  1. oh that sounds like so much fun.
    We're in Telluride hiking and hanging out- still here for another week-

  2. We spent the weekend at the beach, as well. It is so fun and refreshing and incredibly healing! What beach did you visit? Love your blog. Thanks for visiting me! Hope to "see" you again soon. xo Samantha

  3. Looks like Heaven! So glad you were able to finally make your trip. :)