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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Addicted to Plastic: A Review

I just watched the film Addicted to Plastic for the 3rd time, and decided it was time for write a review about it. This is a great film that sums up plastic from every angle: from our plastic dependence to the plastic pollution that is plaguing even the most remote areas to innovations for recycle plastic and creating earth-friendly plastics. The producer, Ian Connacher, takes the viewers on a trip around the world to visit areas of pollution and to talk to people who are making changes in the future of plastic. You get to travel out to the ocean and check out the plastic that accumulate in the gyres (see my older post on ocean plastics), view the inside of a bird's gut (and all the plastic in it), see a man who makes railroad ties out of unwanted plastic, see microbes that turn plastics into oil and other microbes that turn that oil back into plastics, meet inventors who have made plastics so safe that they eat them (on camera!) and much much more.
Plastic does make our lives much easier, but the way that we deal with plastics across the globe is turning into a travesty. Plastic doesn't biodegrade and it is becoming a huge threat for our wildlife, especially in our oceans. This film is a great introduction to plastic problems and solutions and is definitely worth watching (at least once!).
The one problem about this film is that it can be tricky to get your hands on- it not available through netflix or many chain video stores. I have rented at my public library, which is probably your best bet. Read more about the film at Pin It Now!

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