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Monday, May 30, 2016

My Weekend

This weekend the kids were with their dad, and it has been my first solo weekend in awhile where I wasn't on an adventure or had lots of big plans. And it was perfect. I needed nothing more than a weekend for me... to catch up on work, my to-do list, and taking care of myself.
I made it to a yoga class both mornings, picked and started infusing herbs for this year's batch of lip balm, went on a 7 mile run on Saturday, did a ton of yard work, got caught up on my reading for the herbalism class I am taking, and got mostly caught up with my work  for the two classes I am teaching. It was super productive. Although I feel like I could surely use two more days just like the past two..... maybe then I could feel fully caught up with life. Maybe.
And now this weekend feels extra special because today is a holiday and I get to spend the day with both my kids! It's a gorgeous day out, so we have a little hike in the works, and I am hoping to spend some time in the garden.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Joining the lovely Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise......
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  1. what a fab weekend and so glad you joined in. How nice that you had a staycation and got some fun tucked into the days. I love that you ran 7 miles :) Cool!

  2. What a beautiful time - I'm glad that you had some time to yourself. The herbs look so beautiful.

  3. Oh what a superb weekend! Such a good feeling to get things done, and things that are nurturing too. I'm craving getting back to yoga... two classes in a weekend sounds like bliss x