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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Someone is turning 5 today! Five! And she is so excited about it.

I, on the other hand, am stuck wondering how 5 years have gone by so fast, and if the next five will go even quicker. I am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that my baby is five, that she will be off to kindergarten in the fall, and that my role as a mother will begin to change after that. Based on my emotions, you would think she is off to college, right?

I am so lucky to have my little Phoebe in my life. She is a firecracker and makes every day way more fun. I love how she sings. About everything. She tells me that she wants to be a singer and a scientist when she grows up, and if she makes a lot of money she will buy broccoli and green beans for our house. I love how she is constantly dancing, and has even started to do a break-dancing of sorts (although I haven't the faintest idea where she picked those moves up from). I love how she comes into my bed at some point every night, and saddles up right next to me (even though I have a king sized bed). I love how contagious laughter is for her. Anytime I laugh really hard at something, she will soon follow suit.

Phoebe is my daughter, my friend, my guide, and my muse. She reminds me how important it is to be patient. She shows me what it means to truly love someone. She inspires me with the way that she is unafraid to be herself. I have learned so much from her, about life and love, in these short five years. I am looking forward to the rest of our journey together.

Happy birthday dear Phoebe!

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your daughter. May the two of your grow closer as the years pass and always be there for each other! Happy Birthday, Phoebe.

  2. Beautiful Taryn. Happiest of days to her, and all the best for her next trip around the sun. And a happy birthing day to you. xo

  3. Love this!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, your baby!! It is at moments like these that it really hits home how bittersweet this mothering journey is!

  4. and you've captured her 5 years on this blog! happy birthday!

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