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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabric Appliqued Onesie Tutorial

Lately, I have been on a kick of making fabric appliqued onesies. They are fairly simple and look really cute! All you do is:
  1. Draw up a design that you want on the onesie. I like to draw the design on heavy paper and then cut it out for tracing.
  2. Iron heat and bond paper onto the back side of fabric scraps, making sure your scraps are the right size for the designs you will be cutting out.
  3. Now, using the cut out that you made from the heavy paper, trace the mirror-image onto the back of the heat and bond paper. You need to trace the mirror image as you are drawing onto the fabric upside down, as it will be flipped before it is ironed onto the shirt.
  4. Cut out your designs.
  5. Iron onto onesie.
  6. Sew around the edges to secure!
  7. Voila! Cute onesies!
I have made quite a few of these for Phoebe lately and I decided that I need to add some to my etsy shop before I make any more for the little lady!

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  1. Aw- what a cute photo of little P in her little P.

  2. These are really cute! Something I should definitely make for Silas!

  3. I am going to have to try this! So cute!