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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick n' Easy Pants!

Here are a couple of quick pairs of pants that I made for my little guy. Some of the material was leftover from a baby blanket I had made, and the other print I found on sale. I didn't use a pattern, but just used a pair of store-bought baby pants as an example, and sort of fudged my way through it.
This is a great way to use up some extra material you may have laying around. Or, you may find clothes that you or your significant other no longer wear, but the fabric might be perfect to be re-worked into some baby gear! Goodwill and garage sales are other great places to look for bargains on adult clothes that can be turned into fabric for baby clothes.
For any future pant-makers, one word of advice is to remember that diapers take up more room than you think, especially if you use cloth diapers! My first pair came out a little bit too tight in the diaper region, but than I overcompensated on the second pair and they are a little bit "gansta" in the bottom. I think that the third time will be a charm! I will keep you all posted! Pin It Now!

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